Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Genesis 'Summary"

Since August (2006), we have been going through the book of Genesis. It is the seedbed of what takes place in the rest of the Bible. We have studied humanity as a whole but have lately zeroed in on Abraham and his descendants and the nation Israel as it is formed. There have been other peoples branched off from this line. Ishmael is born to Abraham of Hagar who was an Egyptian and Sarah's handmaid. It was his descendants who were the caravan that carried Joseph into Egypt. Then there is Esau, the brother of Jacob, who sold his birthright and lost the blessing as the firstborn. He too became a great people. But the light is shining on Jacob, who is the brother of Esau and has become Israel after he communed with the Lord. It is from Israel that the promise that 'all nations' are to be blessed.

A people on the verge of starving have gone down to Egypt, but they carry the promise of the Lord.

I picture Israel as like a bubble in humanity. God has not forsaken the world but he has a plan for its salvation and so Israel, as the vessel of that promise, is protected down through the years. I will say it once more: Israel is like a pregnant lady. As we conclude this chapter, Israel carries the promise of God to the world. It seems to almost lie dormant as the nation itself is going through its formation and is soon to be born.

From the garden of perfection, to sin, destruction and the struggle of humanity to rebuild, we can see the seperation between God and humanity, yet he has not forsaken. It is a long journey for man to realize that he is hopelessly sinful and helpless without redemption by God. We have seen that those who had faith in God were those who pleased God. We have seen the need and the practice of a blood substitute to God for our sin. But what if there could be one blood sacrifice that would satisfy the righteous judgment of God for sin? What if there could be found one person who was pure enough to stand in the place of all humanity and be judged for sin and allow humanity to come back into communion with God? Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son but even Isaac was not pure enough. His blood was that of Adam. There was only one place to find that purity of sinlessness. It was in the very throne of God. What if it could be like before Adam sinned in the Garden? It is almost Christmas. That is the meaning.

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