Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We are in the book of Exodus which is the second book of the Bible. The children of Israel have been delivered from Egypt and are at Mount Sinai receiving the commandments and building the sanctuary. The study may seem to go over the same ground several times but there are differences. In some places, it is the command to do, in others it is preparing to do and then there is the doing.

Reminders are given of things already said and we know that we must all be reminded from time to time.

Israel is doing new things now. They are doing very detailed work and so we often read things very familiar. It helps us learn and it did them.

We will go into the law and commandments in detail in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and see the doing of those things that have been commanded.

It is not until we get to Joshua that we see the people moving to the promised land. They are now learning, and becoming established in the things they should be doing and their conduct in the future.

So we must have patience in our study. We are seeing a nation built of slaves. It seems now that they are unruly students but they will become grounded and take the teachings for their own beliefs.

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