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Service of Levites Numbers 4

Numbers 4:3 "From thirty years old and upward even until fifty years old, all that enter into the host, to do the work in the tabernacle of the congregation.

v48 "Even those that were numbered of them, were eight thousand and five hundred and fourscore." 8580.

The tabernacle was taken down and put back up often, as Israel moved about the wilderness. Aaron and his priest were responsible for keeping the holy things holy. There was a procedure we have already discussed for entering into the veil to the ark. These things were not to be viewed by everyone. It would have been a death sentence for someone to come upon the things of the most holy place if they were unclean.

So, in the chapter a procedure is setup to cover the objects of the tabernacle before the workers were called in to move them. The coverings were to prevent damage, yes, but they were also to protect those whose job it was to move them from place to place. It was a massive job to take the tabernacle apart and prepare it for transport.

Each part had designated personnel to move it. You can go back and read the details but it was very heavy since parts were made of gold.

v19 and 20 "But thus do unto them, that they may live, and not die, when they approach unto the most holy things: Aaron and his sons shall go in, and appoint them everyone to his service and to his burden: But they shall not go in to see when the holy things are covered, lest they die."

Badger skin and royal blue cloth and scarlet was used to cover the objects.
v6 and v9

So we see that even in transport the tabernacle was to be revered and respected.

It was the job of the Kohathites to do these task. v18

In summary, the men have been organized on all sides of the tabernacle as well as the Levites. Arrangements have been made to move the tabernacle and who will do what. Through chapter nine more commandments are given. The physical arrangements are made, now the spiritual things must be addressed. The people must be prepared to go forward.

Proverbs 17:14 "The beginning of strife is as when one letteth out water: therefore leave off contention, before it be meddled with."

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