Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Who Might Benefit from this Study?

The study I am doing here is not a deep theological one. It is a simple journey through the Bible with links back to other parts of the Bible we have already went over. Who might benefit from this study? I was thinking of service personnel who may have only a few minutes to get a quick clip of the Bible before they go off on their duties. I was thinking of people on the move, who might want to just have a few minutes with the Bible. I was thinking of friends who have journeyed to places and have not carried their Bible. Perhaps friends in foreign countries where the Bible is not even allowed. I'll leave it up to your imagination but we know that people should honor the Bible by reading some here and there if not everyday. So please get the word out. I'd like to see the little map covered with dots where people have stopped by to read a passage. Thank you for passing it on. Milton J Southerland

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