Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

God has been really good to me. I deserved no grace or mercy and he has covered me with both. I asked for a good wife and he gave me the best. I asked for a family and it continues to grow. I am blessed. I have been homeless and now have a nice warm home to sleep in at night and to shelter me when it rains or snows. I wanted good health and he has taught me to endure pain and appreciate each respite. I sought recognition and he has taught me to recognize good in others. I have known bitterness and failure and he has often softened and broken my heart. I dreamed a dream and he showed me reality which is far better. He has shown me the magnificence of hope and its substance. God has loved me through all my mistakes and blessed me for trying. I am thankful that Jesus, the captain of my salvation, made it possible for me and my family and you to have an open door to God Himself.

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