Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carried to Babylon - Jeremiah 27

Jeremiah 27:22 "They shall be carried to Babylon, and there shall they be until the day that I visit them, saith the LORD; then will I bring them up, and restore them to this place."

For us, God's plan does not seem like the best plan when it involves pain on our part. The cleft of the rock may not seem like a very good place until the storm comes.

Jeremiah told the people to submit to the captivity. There were false prophets who told them not to submit and that every thing would be fine if they would just resist. God's plan was for them to go into captivity and stay together until the day he brought them back into Canaan.

The slavery days in Egypt were a trying time and no doubt very bad times for families. But out of that pain came forth a nation. Where 70 entered Egypt, a nation came out. There is travail with birth.

Here is the message sent out to the surrounding area from the LORD:

v5-6 "I have made the earth, the man and the beast that are upon the ground, by my great power and by my outstretched arm, and have given it unto whom it seemed meet unto me. (Isaiah 45:12) v6 And now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant; and the beasts of the field have I given him also to serve him."

God is very specific. Nebuchadnezzar (notice the name now has an 'n' instead of an 'r') would reign then his son and his son's son. God has given all nations to him and his sons, Those who do not submit will be consumed. v8. The LORD even calls Nebuchadnezzar his servant. So the false prophets were wrong.

The purpose of the captivity was punishment in in one respect but also was to preserve the nation.

v9 "Therefore hearken not ye to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreamers, nor to your enchanters, nor to your sorcerers, which speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon.

Many wonderful stories came out of the time of the captivity. We will read them later, the Lord willing.

I'm reminded of Acts where the persecution came and the preachers were dispersed into other nations. I wonder if they would have stayed in Jerusalem where it all happened, if the persecution had not come. It is a bitter cup but the gentiles have the gospel.

So, in compassion, the message is again sent out so that everyone knows the right thing to do.

v17 "Hearken not unto them; serve the king of Babylon, and live, wherefore should this city be laid waste?

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