Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taking Notes

When you study, it helps to take notes on things you want to remember or that you find interesting. Just having to think on something long enough to write it down will help you remember. You may never look at the notes again but you will remember more of what you read.

For example you may want to do a sort of outline when studying about David:

Your subject would be: David

The first entry might be: David's childhood

Under that indented maybe: Shepherd
Next: Anointed to be King
Then: Kills giant

Perhaps: Sings and plays for Saul
Maybe: Flees from Saul

Then: David as King
Next: David's battles

How about: David brings the ark of the covenant back

Next: David's great sin
Maybe: David pays the cost of sin

Then: David retored

There would be so much to write down about David. He had a great friend named Jonathan. He wrote Psalms. He was a man after God's own heart.

Anyway writing down notes such as this in your own format will help you to remember. You can also go back and add to the notes with references and try to figure out at what point in David's life he wrote particular Psalm. I think Psalm 40 was where David got saved but I don't know for sure.

Studying and taking notes may eventually lead you to want to tell other people about what you have studied and what you got from it in the way of right living. Learning to outline and organize your thoughts will greatly help your presentation and help keep you from rambling around and maybe getting off the subject.

Good writing.

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