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Jehu King of Israel II Kings 9

II Kings 9:2 "And when thou comest thither, look out there Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi, and go in and make him arise up from among his brethren, and carry him to an inner chamber; v3 Then take the box of oil, and pour it on his head, and say Thus saith the LORD, I have anointed thee king of Israel. Then open the door and flee and tarry not."

These are unusual instructions from Elisha. We must remember that Israel has a king named Joram. He would not look kindly on someone being anointed to take his place although he is sick back in Jezreel.

Basically, Elisha told the young child of a prophet to do the deed and run for his life.

Added to the anointing were prophecies that Jehu would smite the house of Ahab v8 and that Jezebel would be eaten by the dogs. v10 Jezebel has been a very sinful person. She influenced Ahab to worship false gods and to steal the vineyard belonging to another. No doubt, she has been influencing Joram.

v11 "Then Jehu came forth to the servants of his lord; and one said unto him, Is all well? wherefore came this mad fellow to thee? And he said unto them, Ye know the man, and his communication."

Jehu suspected that they had been listening but they said no, so he repeated the prophecy. The servants then took their own garments and put them under Jehu who was on the stairs and bowed themselves and pronounced him king.

v16 "So Jehu rode in a chariot and went to Jezreel; for Joram lay there. And Ahaziah king of Judah was come down to see Joram."

Ahaziah was king of Judah but he had ties to the family of Omri who had been king of Israel. His mother was the daughter of Omri. v26 c8. So he went to help Joram fight with the king of Syria. Now, he has gone to visit Joram and is there when Jehu came to take over.

v22 "And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace Jehu? And he answered. What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?"

The resulting battle was short, king Joram was killed as well as Ahaziah. The Jezebel painted herself up and was standing looking out a window at the commotion. She scoffed at Jehu.

v31 "And as Jehu entered in at the gate, she said, Had Zimri peace who slew his master?"

Jehu cried out for anyone on his side to announce themselves. Some did so. Jehu told them to cast her down to the street. Later he told some to go bury her but it was too late, Jezebel had finally met her fate as prophesied.

v36 "Wherefore they came again and told him. And he said, This is the word of the LORD, which he spake by his servant Elijah, the Tishbite, saying, In the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat this flesh of Jezebel:

They found only her skull, feet and the palms of her hands. Jezebel's days of evil are over.

Proverbs 21:15 "It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity."

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