Monday, January 05, 2009


My book Preserved Intellect and Harvest 2050AD (in the same book) are works of fiction dealing with the limits humanity will go to, without restraint on them. You could call them doomsday books. Preserved Intellect is the story of a people who discover that they are the recipients of advanced technology which preserved their brains for the good of humanity. Like most such programs, it is corrupted by bureaucrats. When they awake from their virtual world, the earth is a different place than what they expected. Travel with them in their struggle to figure out what is real and what is just another world created for their minds to wander around in. Harvest 2050AD is the story of a time when genetic enhancement is the rule and being normal is to be hunted down and killed. Join a small group as they fight what seems to be a hopeless battle against the hunters and their mad scientist leaders.

This book is available for download at a modest price or a printed copy may be ordered. I seldom put any advertisements on this Bible study site but I have made an exception so that I might gain a little income to offset my cost. Click here to read summaries of all my books.

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