Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As I get older, and sicker, I find it very difficult to continue these studies everyday. I apologize for those who come everyday expecting a new chapter. I will continue as best I can, going from chapter to chapter. If I make a mistake, or use the wrong word, please forgive, it is a new cross I bear to forget words I have used for years or use the wrong word and not realize it. I have a new student that I am trying to teach to read, my last one got to the point of being able to write a short story and so he is out there someplace, I hope with a tool that can make his life better. I do not write this note in a sad state of mind. I simply write it to let you know that my posts may be sporatic at times. I can feel my former quick mind slowing to a snails pace and must work even harder to accomplish and retain complete thoughts. I am working on another book, fiction, which forces me to keep the brain cells busy. Maybe if I keep them busy, they won't crust over. Anyway, keep the faith, I am fortunate to be linked to a number of excellent blogs where the study continues with fresh perspective. As we proceed down the corridor of time, in our study, we can draw new faith from the comfort that God keeps his promises. Tell the Old Old Story. It stands the test of time. Milton

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