Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ezra (kings of other nations)

To help us under the story, I will list what information I have on the kings of the other nations involved in the captivity and the return to Jerusalem:

Darius: a common name of the time. Darius Hystaspes B.C. 521 was the king of Persia who confirmed the degree of Cyrus concerning building the temple back.

Cyrus: founder of the last great Persian monarch. He allowed the Jews to return home to Judea after he conquered Babylon. B>C> 538 See Isaiah 44:28 also and 45:1-7 Daniel was favored by this king Daniel 6:28.

Artaxerxes: King of Persia. In the seventh year of his reign Ezra went up to Jerusalem. In the fourteenth year Nehemiah went up to rebuild Jerusalem.

Nebuchadnezzar: King of Babylon. B.C. 605-561. Carried away Jews captive. Defeated Egypt. See first 4 chapters of Daniel. Builder including the hanging gardens of Babylon.

I believe we can say that Ezra and his company went to work on the temple while Nehemiah went to work on the city itself. We will discover if that is correct and we study further.

These prophets tell the story from their own perspective. Events could be seen a little differently from where they were but the facts are the same in all the books and they compliment and complete the story of the return to Jerusalem.

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