Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pass the Word

As we leave Ezra and start Nehemiah, we have taken a long journey since 2006, from Genesis and the sin of Adam and Eve to the forming of a special nation and the calling out of a special people. We now know that it was from this nation that the author of our salvation came. Jesus Christ walked the hills and valleys many centuries with his angels and guiding and protecting Israel. We have come down to a small remnant that wishes to serve Him but it is enough and the promise of salvation is still there. When Jesus came in the flesh, he was very familiar with the geography of Israel. We have found him all over, from the mulberry trees to the myrtles, from talking to Joshua to speaking through the prophets. So if you know someone who might want to take this journey with us, please send them a note. Thank you for stopping by.

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