Monday, January 21, 2008

Summary Genesis thru Deuteronomy

Over a year ago, we started in Genesis with a Bible study that I hoped would continue through the entire Bible eventually. I have not tried to hurry. Truth is I've learned quite a lot from this study. I wish there had been more discussion but regardless I know some have read along from time to time and I appreciate it.

In Genesis we read about the creation. That much denied event that is so wonderfully told. Some say it is not possible that God could create everything in six days. Yet, scientist are still trying to understand the weather, so how can they be an authority on how long it would take God to do something.

Sadly, though, in Genesis the human race was infected with sin and innocent blood was shed to provide a covering for them. Some would deny that sin exist but that really takes a big leap of faith. How is it possible to deny that sin exist when there is so much meanness in the world? Yes, sin exist and the denial of it is part of it. So since man is a sinner because of his rebellion in the garden, we have started on a journey with Abraham.

Exodus found the descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob in Egypt, first sheltered by Joseph and then enslaved by an unfriendly king. Moses is rescued from being killed, by an ark and is raised by the kings daughter. He remembers he is Hebrew and after a failed attempt to defend them ends up in a desert watching after cattle. There he is called by God to go back to Egypt and get His people. The Lord brings them out by the hand of Moses with great wonders. Then they wonder for 40 years after rebelling at the very edge of Canaan. The law is given and repeated in the following books to where we are now. Again, we are at the door of Canaan and Moses has died. Joshua is set to take them over in three days.

Underneath this story is the story of redemption. Israel being taken out of Egypt is an example of redemption. It compares to the Christian being saved from the penalty of sin by Christ.

So our story is not just the story of Israel but the story of Christ. The sacrifices of the animals, of innocence blood, is an example of the sacrifice of Christ.

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