Monday, April 06, 2009


I seldom add personal comments but I just wanted to say I am thrilled with you for visiting the Bible study. The Bible story does encompass the world and especially tells the story of the older countries. Even if one did not enjoy the spiritual applications, the story itself is so interesting and the prophecies tell the happenings of the present and the future. One has only to look at the news and see the validity of the prophecies. Anyway thanks for stopping in on this journey through the Bible. I hope you will tell someone who may be in a country where the Bible is not readily available. These few daily scriptures may encourage them. Perhaps a child is serving in the military and needs to be reminded that God still lives. Perhaps a missionary would be interested in the study. I think of people in far flung places like Antarctica or those on lonely outpost. I know some studies get thousands of visitors a day but it lifts me up to see those who come to this site if but for a few minutes. So, thank you from my heart.

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